Breast Lift

A breast lift is ideal for women whose breasts are sagging, but still retain sufficient volume. Also, this procedure may reduce the size of the areola, the pinkish skin surrounding the nipple, which may expand with time. Because Dr. Swanson is a woman herself, she approaches this procedure with a unique, intuitive understanding.

Dr. Swanson uses the new "minimal incision" technique for breast lifts, which as the name implies, keeps scarring to a minimum. If the breasts are both sagging and also lack volume, a woman may opt to have a surgery combining a breast lift and augmentation. Contrary to popular belief, this surgery should not interfere with breast feeding; however, it is important to note that pregnancy could cause the breasts to sag again. Dr. Swanson can help each patient decide what the appropriate treatment plan is for her desired results.

Breast lift patients may return home the same day of surgery and may expect to return to work within a week to ten days, providing the job does not require any lifting or extreme reaching. As you can see from the photos below, this surgery can make a wonderful improvement in the appearance of your breasts.