Breast Reduction

Women: Some women have large, heavy breasts that do not look attractive or feel comfortable. Not only can these cause women to feel self-conscious, they can actually lead to lower back pain and other health concerns. Sometimes women are so restricted by this condition that they are unable to exercise properly until they get relief by having breast reduction surgery; consequently, insurance may cover some of these cases. After surgery, a woman will have smaller, firmer breasts that are in better proportion to the rest of her body. Further, she will experience greater mobility and comfort.

Because she is a woman herself, Dr. Swanson approaches this life-changing surgery with a unique understanding.  She uses the new "minimal incision" technique which requires fewer incisions than the older traditional approach. The advantages are that the surgical time is reduced, healing time is shorter, a better shape is achieved and, of course, there are fewer scars.

As with other breast procedures, each patient should feel well enough to be up and about after a day or two; however, a few weeks of recovery time are needed before returning to work. After three or four weeks, each patient may expect to resume all normal activities. Dr. Swanson works with each patient individually to monitor how much activity she can safely and comfortably take on as her healing progresses.