Finally a treatment for cellulite that attacks its very structure.  Many treatments can treat cellulite superficially but Cellulaze actually destroys the very structure of what causes cellulite.  

Cellulite affects the hips, buttocks and legs of most post-pubescent women. Medically termed Dermatomyoliposclerosis (DMLS), cellulite appears in the subcutaneous level of skin tissue. Fat cells are arranged in chambers surrounded by the septae or connective tissue. As water is retained, the fat cells in this area expand and stretch the connective tissue, making this tissue eventually contract and harden holding the skin at a non-flexible length. The surrounding tissue continues to expand with weight or water build-up, holding the skin down and making other sections bulge outward. This results in the lumpy, 'cottage-cheese' look.

So, why hide your body because of unsightly dimples in your skin.  It's not your fault.  Losing weight won't make it go away.  Cellulaze is the very FIRST FDA approved minimally invasive treatment for Cellulite.  Done under a local anesthetic to make you as comfortable as possible Cellulaze cuts through the fibibrous bands releasing the valleys that cause the "orange Peel" Effect.    So don't wait , call and make a free consultation appointment with Dr Swanson to see if you are a candidate for this new and exciting treatment.  With just one simple Cellulaze™ procedure, we can deliver long-lasting results for a smoother, healthier look.