Extended Abdominoplasty

Often referred as the “tummy tuck”, abdominoplasty is a procedure which creates a smoother, flatter appearance of the stomach. This is achieved by removal of excess skin and fat, along with a re-tightening of the abdominal wall muscle. Of all re-contouring procedures, abdominoplasty furnishes the most dramatic effects.

However, for some patients who have excess skin and fat extending onto the flanks and back, a traditional abdominoplasty, even combined with liposuction, may not yield the desired result. in such case, an extended abdominoplasty is an excellent solution. An extended abdominoplasty goes one step further than a traditional abdominoplasty. lengthening the incision around the sides to include the lower back area, targeting this trouble area that is particularly resistant to diet and exercise. In addition to improving the abdominal, hip and flank contours, this procedure may also streamline the buttocks and thighs.

Candidates for this procedure often include people who have experienced massive wight loss or who had an abdominoplasty many years prior and now have contour irregularities from weight gain. When appropriate, this procedure yields dramatic and beautiful results.