Male Breast Reduction

(Correction of gynecomastia)

It's not only women who can be unhappy with the appearance of their chest.  Some men suffer from an overly feminine shape in their pectoral area.  Often, men with the condition feel self-conscious and will not go shirtless in public. Though this condition often develops during puberty, it can be brought on by other factors as well, such as steriod use for bodybuilding and other various medications taken by older men.

The purpose of this highly effective surgery is corrective, aimed at giving the chest a more masculine look.

Although he will feel swollen and bruised at first, he will wear a compression garment for the first couple of weeks to minimize actual swelling and fluid accumulation. After the first couple of days he is encouraged to get back into his normal routine, including returning to work, so long as it is not physically strenuous. For at least a month, however, he will need to avoid activities and work that could injure the chest area. Also, incision sites need to be kept out of the sun for at least six months to ensure that they don’t thicken or darken prior to healing.