Smartlipo Triplex

Smartlipo Triplex

At her Torrance office in the South Bay, woman physician Dr. Linda Swanson is helping men and women enhance their appearance through laser body sculpting with Smartlipo Triplex. Less invasive than traditional liposuction, Smartlipo Triplex targets those trouble spots that tend to be resistant to diet and exercise. Creating dramatic results with less pain and downtime than traditional liposuction, Smartlipo Triplex is the gold standard for laser lipo, and Dr. Linda Swanson's South Bay office is one of the first facilities in the country to offer the triple wavelength Smartlipo Triplex for laser-assisted lipolysis.

Performed under local anesthesia (you’re awake during the procedure), Dr. Swanson uses the Smartlipo Triplex to safely and permanently remove fat through a tiny incision that’s about the size of the tip of pen. First the Smartlipo Triplex laser fiber “melts” and then eliminates unwanted fat cells. Then new collagen is produced to create a smoother, more tightened appearance in love handles, saddlebags, bra fat, muffin tops, bat wings, and other areas in the abdomen, thighs and neck.

After your Smartlipo Triplex with Dr. Linda Swanson, you will enjoy a fast recovery. Most of Dr. Swanson’s Smartlipo patients only need Tylenol for pain relief. There are no drains or sutures, and there is far less swelling and bruising than with traditional lipo. You can shower in 24 hours, and many patients return to work the very next day. Usually, you can resume full normal activities in just a few days. That's why the Smartlipo Triplex has been nicknamed the "lunchtime lipo."

Smartlipo Triplex with Dr. Linda Swanson in her South Bay office is the smart choice for candidates seeking a smoother silhouette or more harmonious body proportions. With Smartlipo Triplex, Dr. Swanson can provide even more beautiful results than with traditional liposuction, with the added advantages of less pain and recovery time so that you can start enjoying your new look sooner! Call our Torrance office today for a complimentary consultation.